Welcome to Clutterbee!

The personalised, professional Organisers and De-Clutterers.

  • Is there any area of your home that makes you feel uncomfortable because of clutter?
  • Do you have cupboards or drawers you dread going into?
  • Paperwork: Can you find things easily?
  • Have you clothing and shoes you rarely, if ever, wear?
  • Do you hold onto unwanted gifts?


Clutter can slow you down: Don't let it drag you down!

Clutter can be expensive.
It can move with you from one home to another. You save it in reasonable condition, keeping it dry and warm, sometimes in storage facilities you continually pay for.
Out of sight, and perhaps out of mind!


Our aim is to help you: -

  • Maximise space and realise the potential of your home
  • Find documents when you need to without hassle and stress
  • Organise your office with practical storage and filing systems

Working with you we: -

  • Identify and prioritise your requirements, setting realistic and achievable goals
  • De-clutter; organise items you keep; advise on disposal
  • Build personalised future-proof techniques for controlling clutter

Clutterbee; Jon Ramsay

Clutterbee works with you, giving hands-on practical help on the way forward to a brighter, more streamlined life. You are always in control. We are the catalyst, providing energy, encouragement, and focus in what for some can be an emotionally charged but exciting challenge. See Services

At Home: -

For many people change is the focus and motivator: Downsizing/combining or moving homes, or an addition to the family.

In bereavement we provide a sympathetic and practical approach to dealing with possessions.

Contact Jon for an informal chat about your needs.

Offices: -

Who has the responsibility of maintaining a good working environment?
Is everyone so busy with their workload that clutter is taking control, and good organisation and streamlining is being lost?

Contact Jon to build and maintain a good working environment. See Services